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Disclaimer is a platform for table football fans. The intention is that tournaments can be created by every user, so that we all get an overview of all table football tournaments.
From time to time a news item will also appear. If you have any news, please pass this via email to the administrators of the platform.

In addition to the platform, it is also possible to organize tournaments online, via the tournament management system. For this one needs the role of superuser (requests from the administrators).
This means that you can organize completely free tournaments online. One or more series can be organized via a certain system (american / groups + american / knock-out / groups + knock-out / ...).
Once you have registered the couples (via the official player lists), you can click on start at the tournament management system. After this, the system will automatically draw itself and apply the chosen system to the number of tables in your tournament.
After that, you only have to enter the results and the system will announce the next match if possible.
You can always postpone a match announced by the system. In this case the system will check if another match can be played instead. If this is not the case, the initial match will be announced again.
If you have multiple series in 1 tournament, you can mix them up. The system will always prefer the series that has been running the longest. Only when the system can no longer start matches in one series will it choose the next series.
The results are automatically written to the database, so you as an organizer do not have to post anything online after the tournament.

The creators of are not responsible for any errors in the system. The system was created with the aim of continuous development and expansion. Because of this, it can happen that small problems arise when using the platform and tournament management system. Please report this to the admins as soon as possible ( In this way, the platform can continue to improve and expand.
Any feedback regarding user experience is always welcome via the above email address.

If the administrators of notice abuse, the appropriate sanctions will follow. This can take the form of a temporary or permanent deactivation of the account.